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Our staff of experienced professionals at Chiropractic West works to heal your body with gentle, integrated treatments that not only relieve your pain or discomfort, but also help to enhance your overall health, lifestyle and longevity.

In addition to general chiropractic services, we offer:

Therapeutic massage from Chiropractic West’s certified massage therapists can promote your general well-being and enhance your self-esteem while soothing painful muscles, enhancing circulat

Acupuncture restores and improves circulation, relaxes muscle spasms and reduces inflammation and pain. Chiropractic West acupuncturists can also help you battle toxins in your body and help rebuild your cellular infrastructure.

Core Strengthening
Even if you workout or participate in sports, you may not be working your body’s core muscles. At Chiropractic West, we focus on active core strengthening through customized exercise routines and products, so you can achieve your health goals faster.

We also offer specialized treatments for:

Sports Injuries
To ease the pain of sports injuries and promote healing for her patients, Dr. Pear employs a combination of therapies in addition to traditional chiropractic adjustments, such as massage, acupuncture and hot/cold treatments.

Dr. Debra Pear treats many pregnancy patients in close association with local obstetricians. Chiropractic care during your pregnancy can help you maintain your pregnancy, decrease back pain, control vomiting, help your physician deliver a full-term infant with ease and produce a healthier baby.

Dr. Debra Pear, who has personally suffered with scoliosis, also successfully manages patients of all ages with scoliosis. Her treatment plan includes chiropractic manipulation as well as specific exercises to strengthen unilateral muscle groups in the scoliosis patient.